I took the one mouth project of the economy in the Harvard, during the time I studied in there, I gained a lot, experienced a lot, and also acquired some friends when we strived for the same goal. I think it will be the most impressive memory in my life, and will help me a lot in the future. Thus, I’m grateful to decide to attend this project.

       The first point I want to mention at the beginning of the paragraph is that it was a worthwhile experience if you want to have a further study in the realm of economy. At the first time for me to meet my mentor, I was a bit of nervous and excited, I was curious about the content of the research ,at  the same time , I was a little worried about my preparatory work because I was just a senior high school student, I was not sure if I could adapt to the pace of research which I would take . In the first step, we introduced ourself to each other, then teacher told the basic background about the economy. During that time , I began to build a knowledge frame of the economy. After the first step, I was looking  forward to having the next one.  

       The most impressive incident which remained fresh in mine mind was that teacher gave us an assignment which contained all of the knowledge we had learned. Since teacher mentor W had told all of the theory about the economy and answered all the questions we had, it was a great and opportune time for us to have a task in order to check what’s the degree of the recant study. To be honest , it was extremely hard , especially for the senior high school student, because the knowledge of the university would be applied in this assignment. It was no doubt that I had  to learned it, so in order to accomplish my assignment, I search the information about differential coefficient and scan it patiently and carefully so that I can comprehend this knowledge and use it in my equation. After I knew the introductory information, I started to deal with this task, then I found it was not easy as the question in the textbook, it was mush more difficult, because I need to find the internal relationship between different variations independently. I should analyze the variations the question had provide, then I was supposed to find how these variations effect on each other and how they can make the final answer. Finished all of those things , I need to write a equation which will use the highest mathematics and economy theories such as marginal utility. This was the most crucial step and was also the most tough. During this time , I had no idea at first, because all of the knowledge both the mathematics and economy were unfamiliar with me, but I tried it over and over, I developed the understanding of knowledge I have learned and I learned it deeper, finally I came up with the appropriate equation in this question, which gave me a sense of achievement. What’s more, this assignment not only improved our comprehension and told our deficiency, but also strengthen our relationship between each other. We became more intimate and closer when we help others to solve problems in the task and discuss the results. Therefore , It was a nice memory for me to be positive to study further.
       Thirdly, I was excited most about one part of this project, economy research . The economy research is hardly approached in the high school classes even in the university, because students  can hardly gain the related data. However, the key element for an economy research is that having integrated data because you can use it to verify your hypothesis so that your result will be more convincing. Thus , it was exciting for us to accomplish a economy research. This research was about the relationship between the property right of land and the migration. During this time, we indicated that the rent has a positive impact on the migration and the macro-control of government restrict it.  Teacher also taught us how to analyze the data and how to choose the critical variations . After that, I  began to do the basic regress and robustness checks and endogenous checks which can clarify the relationship between the rent and the migration. Then I made the form to hold these result and wrote paper to explain our hypothesis. Finally , I was succeed in doing an economy research, I was so proud of myself for this experience.
       There are a lot of thing that I had gained in this project, especially I made many friends during this a month of study, we helped each other in study, we discussed the teacher’s assignment and also chat and ate outside together in our spare time. At fist we were unfamiliar with each other, after one month we could share things and make joke on others.
       All in all, I'm so glad that I attended this project. It let me know more knowledge and come into contact with others who have the same interest in economy. This month will be one of the most important part in my life and it will influent me strongly in the future too.
       Thank you very much for the interview. I learned more about this program, and I became more interested in it. in addition, It is the first time for me to be interviewed, so I was nervous and excited during the interview. Although I may not achieve it successfully, I tried my best to complete it. I believe this experience will be valuable and unforgettable in my life. Thanks again for the interview ,and I look forward to following up with you.